Prendas que te favorecen

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How to Always look good

The X-Factor in style: Look good, Feel Good

Let your brilliant qualities shine through your personal style by having your wardrobe speak volumes about who you are and where you want to go.

Here are some key style pieces to get you started.

  1. The perfect dress is universally an A-line as it generally flatters all body types. Also the shift dress.
  2. Good quality shoes. This goes with posture. High or kitten heels have that je ne sais quoi. In short, good shoes that don’t hurt and that aid back posture.
  3. Tailored pieces to fit your body. Having things altered is key. A blazer instantly adds polished finished look to any outfit.
  4. Jewellery that speaks about your personality like tiny diamonds or artsy bracelet.
  5. Monochrome theory of the same color head to toe. Black to toe. Total beige. Monchromatic looks never fail.

What are some of your styling tips? Lets Wardrobe!!IMG-20171108-WA0007.jpgthe x factor style tips

El factor X en el estilo: lucirse bien, sentirse bien

Deje que tus cualidades brillantes resplandecen a través de tu estilo personal haciendo que tu armario hable de ti y hacia dónde deseas llegar.

Apuntad estos claves para poder empezar a relucir de luz y ser divina.

  1. El vestido perfecto es universalmente una de línea A, ya que generalmente adherí  a todos los tipos de cuerpos.
  2. Zapatos de buena calidad. Esto va con la postura. Los tacones altos o kitten también tienen ese je ne sais quoi que te dan subidón. En resumen,  buenos zapatos que no duelen y que ayuden con la postura.
  3. Piezas confeccionadas a medida que adapta a tu cuerpo. Tener las cosas modificadas es clave. Un blazer instantáneamente da una elegancia a cualquier look.
  4. Accesorios  que hablan de tu personalidad como pequeños diamantes o una pulsera artística.
  5. Teoría monocromática del mismo color de la cabeza a los pies. Total negro o total beige. El look monocromática nunca falla.

¿Cuáles son algunos de vuestras consejos? Lets Wardrobe!IMG-20171108-WA0008

Ciao ciao xoxo


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BK, Wardrobe Stylist, strives to determine how a client can best achieve a look that will reflect their best qualities both personally and professionally. Meeting clients on an appointment-only basis, BK is dedicated to helping her clients find just the right items that will help them accomplish their goals. She maintains a database of her clients' purchases, tastes and sizes so she can quickly help them adjust from season to season by adding clothing pieces that complement what they already own. BK says, “Anyone can walk out the door looking great and feeling confident. You just have to know how to put the right pieces together.”

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