The Perfect Jeans


We are body positive and love ourselves just as we are, in this post we look at common body shapes and basic tips to find your perfect jeans which are not only versatile but fundamentally, make you feel perfect.  

Bootcuts and skinny in dark tones are perfect for all the body shapes.

Inverted triangle body have wider shoulders and narrow hips  suit bootcut and straight in lighter tones while the triangle shape go for dark denim. For the round body and thin legs, dark boot cut and straight jeans with some knee cuts are good to draw focus. Rectangle body shape i.e. shoulders, waist and hips same size, opt for bootcut for curvy effect and also the skinny for thin legs. Hourglass body any jeans with high waist to cinch and accentuate.




Somos body positive y nos amamos tal cual, en este post observamos morfologías  y consejos básicos para encontrar los jeans perfectos que no solo son versatiless sino que fundamentalmente nos hacen sentir perfectas.

Los bootcuts y skinnys  en tonos oscuros son perfectos para todas.

El cuerpo triangulo invertido de los hombros más anchos y caderas estrechas que se estilizan con el bootcut  y son straight en tonos más claros, mientras que la forma triangulo se favorece el denim oscuro. Para el cuerpo más redondo y con las piernas delgadas, el corte oscuro de bootcut y los straight con algunos desgaste en la rodilla son buenos para re-enfocar la atención. El rectángulo, es decir, hombros, cintura y caderas del mismo tamaño, optaría por el corte de bootcut para crear curvas y también el skinny para piernas delgadas. El cuerpo se reloj de arena optaría por cualquier cualquier vaquero con cintura alta acentuar.

Soy mas triangulo y os dejo una foto para cómo combiné mi skinny jeans inspirado de náutica con mini dosis de rojo en accesorios para primavera.

I am a triangle and I styled my skinny jeans casual with nautical feel for spring.  How would you style yours??

Lets wardrobe soon @AmaTuArmario.

Ciao ciao xoxo


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BK, Wardrobe Stylist, strives to determine how a client can best achieve a look that will reflect their best qualities both personally and professionally. Meeting clients on an appointment-only basis, BK is dedicated to helping her clients find just the right items that will help them accomplish their goals. She maintains a database of her clients' purchases, tastes and sizes so she can quickly help them adjust from season to season by adding clothing pieces that complement what they already own. BK says, “Anyone can walk out the door looking great and feeling confident. You just have to know how to put the right pieces together.”

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